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We are Simon and Sarah Paine, a husband and wife team of crafters. We make costumes and accessories for historical re-enactors, live roleplayers, or amazing outfits for very special occasions.


Simon is the guy behind the vast majority of the work - being a man of many talents, creating custom patterns from customer’s ideas, to creating the finished garments.


Sarah is more of an accessories specialist - making edgings, embroidery, and other items such as guitar straps, belts and shield straps from tablet weaving. In addition she creates items from yarn - knitting, crochet, or a simple twisted cord.


You won’t see very many items for sale on this site - at least not for the time being - this is because we make custom items to order, so most items we make are completely individual to the person who orders it.

Yes, it’s only an advert but we’re excited about it. And it may even be what brought you here…


Skirmish covers many periods of historical re-enactment, and is therefore is something we’re keen on being recognised in.

Coming out at the end of October 2011

We’re in Skirmish Magazine!